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About the Cunningham Panel™

The Cunningham Panel™ is a high-complexity blood test that measures the levels of antibodies directed against specific targets in the brain associated with psychiatric and neurologic symptoms, including abnormal movements, seizures, and tics.

The Cunningham Panel™ includes testing for several autoantibodies that may be associated with seizures including anti-dopamine D1, anti-dopamine D2, anti-lysoganglioside GM1, anti-tubulin, and autoantibodies that stimulate calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase II in human brain cells.


“Identification of an immune basis is important because adjunctive immunotherapy may slow, halt, or even reverse the epileptogenic process in these patients.” 1

Elevated levels on one or more of these tests indicates that symptoms (such as seizures) may be due to an autoimmune response, which typically requires immunomodulatory treatment.

Test results can support a physician’s clinical diagnosis with laboratory evidence of an underlying autoimmune dysfunction, and assist the physician in determining an appropriate treatment regimen.

Studies indicate that proper treatment can lead to a complete resolution of seizures.
81% of patients had improvement in autoimmune seizures
67% of patients achieved seizure freedom.
Ordering the Panel is Easy!

The Cunningham Panel™ can only be ordered by a licensed clinician. We accept authorized test orders from all 50 states, as well as other countries. (Clinicians in New York may order the Panel for their patients but blood specimens must be collected outside the State of New York.)

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How To Order and Costs

The testing process begins with a licensed clinician submitting a requisition. Test results usually take 2-3 weeks.


Our FAQ section addresses the most common questions including insurance reimbursement, shipping instructions and costs.

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